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Film Projects


Gauger Film is a motion picture development and production company based in Munich, Germany. The company’s main focus is on compelling human stories that inspire, entertain, and move.

Gauger Film was founded by Torsten Gauger, former co-managing director at Goldkind Film and producer at TV60Film. The best known feature films he has worked on are ‘Sophie Scholl – The Final Days’ and ‘The Lives of Others,’ for which he was in charge of the Oscar campaign. He was also involved in the production of the German movies ‘Wholetrain’ (which starred Elyas M’Barek and won the prestigious Grimme Award for 2009), ‘Vollidiot’ (starring Oliver Pocher), and ‘At Any Second’ (starring Sebastian Koch, Mina Tander, and Wotan Wilke Möhring).


Casting vertikal_angepasst



Genre: Romantic comedy

Awards: Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor at the 2013 Malaga Film Festival

When Javi returns home from his latest casting after another rejection, the last thing he wants to do is go to another audition. But his girlfriend insists on it, he has the rent to pay, and most of all he simply has no other option.

What he does not know is that he will meet Esther there, an actress he is thrown together with for a few hours. Esther takes him on a turbulent emotional journey full of flirting, powerful feelings, and disenchantment, which eventually helps him to find himself – whether he wants to or not – and turns his life upside down.

Author & Director: Jorge Naranjo

Gringo vertikal_angepasst



Genre: Children – Family adventure

Developed at the Academy for Child Media (Akademie für Kindermedien)

Support: Creative Europe Subsidy

Status: In development

Björn (12) is the son of a staid German couple, while Fernando (12) has a Brazilian mafia boss for a father. Despite being next-door neighbors, they are not allowed to play together. But when the shy Björn, who suffers from sensitivity to sunlight, does something that leads to the disappearance of Fernando’s little brother Ronaldo (5), they leave their secure gated community and set off together into the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro.

Through Carla, a tough street girl, the snobbish Fernando discovers the other side of Brazilian life. Meanwhile, Björn encounters the fiery heart of Brazil in the favelas and learns to overcome his fears. Only through a combination of Björn’s nerdy skills, Fernando’s arrogant courage, and Carla’s audacity do the trio negotiate the dangers of the urban jungle and bring Ronaldo back home.

Gringo was selected to be presented at the Financing Forum for Kids Content in Malmö in March 2015. In May Gringo was selected as one of five projects, to be presented during the International Film Festival in Cannes in the section “Next” of the film market. In June 2015 Gringo was selected as transmedia cinema project of Crossvideodays and presented to Paris international representatives of the transmedia industry.

Gringo was featured in an article on Bö Read more…

20steps vertikal_angepasst

Twenty Steps – Based on a true story


Genre: Thrilller

Support: FFF Subsidy (FilmFernsehFonds Bayern)

Status: In development

Twenty steps to survive a kidnapping. A night in which a couple falls in and out of love. A journey from love into the abyss. Twenty steps can destroy a brother’s life or kill a couple.

On the night from November 4 to 5, 2011, the screenwriter was kidnapped in a taxi. Twenty Steps is based on his personal experience of that night. A night that changed his life.

Animas vertikal_angepasst



Genre: Psychological thriller/ Horror

Status: In development

What if one day you find out…you do not exist?

Animas is a horror psychological thriller about 17 years old Alex, who starts to experence horrific and unexplainable events that comes to endanger his life. When he finds out that his best friend Abraham is behind everything, he gets a shocking revelation: he does not exist but is Abraham ´s imaginary friend who, by visiting a psychiatrist, has decided to “get rid of him”. But it won´t be easy, Alex is determined to survive and fight for his existence.

Author & Director: Laura Alvea & Jose Ortuño

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ChallengeAccepted_A4_Websitebild Silhuette

Challenge Accepted!


Status: in financing

What’s up? Challenge Accepted! is an outdoor-gameshow-series for young people. 5 Teenagers have to handle the challenges of a host. And he won’t make it easy for them.

With the gameshow Challenge Accepted! was Gauger Film one of the six final members from the production initiative “Fernsehen aus Thüringen” (FAT), which supports in development of serial broadcast projects for kids and youth in cooperation with TV-channels.

Author: Torsten Gauger & Michael Wolf

The winner of the 2014 edition of the initiative “Fernsehen aus Thüringen” are featured in the Thüringer Allgemeine (in German only) and in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

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