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Corporate Video Production Company that produces your corporate film for your company profile


Corporate Video Production Company for your Company Profile and your Image Video.

Are you looking for a video production for your corporate video? You are looking for a producer who combines know-how in Video Marketing, in visual story-telling and in the film production of special Corporate Videos? We are a Corporate Video Production Company from Germany and produce your Corporate Film or Corporate Profile – Europe-wide. Give us a call!


1. Producing a Corporate Video

What do companies have to consider when planning a Corporate Profile and want to commission the production of an Corporate Video Concept for a Corporate Profile? Learn from a lecturer for Video Marketing and professional for the story-telling technique more about the purpose of Corporate Videos and the necessary amount of time and money to produce an excellent Image Film and to optimally use it for internal and external Corporate Communication.

Additionally you receive free 50 handy tips on concept and production of successful Image Films as well as a check list.

Torsten Gauger is a lecturer for Marketing since 2006, as well as a screenwriter and film producer. He was and is involved in the film production of several feature films and television filmsand is specialized on the development of Image Films that express the vision of an entrepreneur in a visual and emotional way.


a. Why produce an Corporate Video?

With a Corporate Video you convey your very personal vision and proactively control, in which way your company is perceived by business partners and employees. Well conceptualized and executed Image Films strengthen the reputation of your enterprise. What is otherwise elaborate in time and effort, you can manage within few minutes: With a film you convey a complex and emotional impression of your company, your brand or your product. Films can be identity-establishing and thereby increase the emotional bond and the confidence your business partners and employees have towards your enterprise. Especially in the internet, where your website provides the first important impression of your firm, you will have an advantage with a Corporate Video over companies without a video. Image Films strengthen your brand and help position yourself. What is your vision, your story? What is your strength? With the help of a Corporate Video you reach your target group even more precisely and control their expectations and impressions. Films are preferred tools of the media society in order to present itself and to work on its own image and reputation. A Corporate Video has thereby become an inevitable part of modern Corporate Communications.

To produce a Corporate Video is the way to convey your vision and story.


b. Corporate Video as business card of a company

Corporate Videos are comparable to a business card of a company. In both cases the target group are persons, that have been in contact with the firm in any way. Thus, the goal of a Image Film is in the rarest of cases to expand one’s reach and to generate new business. It is much more a way to tighten existent contacts, to present an enterprise and its central expertises closer, and to confirm the customer that one is the right partner. The production of films can make sense for b2b, but also for the b2c section.


Hier finden Sie 50 TIPPS zu Imagefilmen und Imagevideos

c. The Benefit of a Corporate Video


Image Films convey the assurance to have found the right partner in the brand or the company. How that works is strongly dependent on the industry and the respective strengths of a company. Well executed videos accomplish to present a company in such a way, that the departments concerned with third parties would like to use the Corporate Profile as a representation as well. The advertising depiction of the company and thus, the setup or the confirmation of the Image are the central goals of a Company Profile. Ultimately, good Corporate Videos benefit the reputation of a company and should be developed in agreement with the PR department or management.

Also the attitude and identification of the own employees can be influenced positively by a good film. What can you be proud of? What distinguishes your company and its Corporate Culture? What is your mission statement? Consider, however, that your employees know of the negative aspects of your company. Hence, be authentic and show your quirk.




2. Corporate Video Production Company

You consider to commission the concept and the production of a Corporate Video?

We’d like to support you there! We have longstanding experience in the film production of feature filmsand are experts in Video Marketing and Systemic coaching. We combine competences in emotional story-telling by using the so-called Storytelling Methode with systemic know-how and always regard your Corporate Film as systemic part of your internal and external Corporate Communication. As marketing expert, systemic coach and film producer we can advise you comprehensively and holistically. You receive a Corporate Video with the highest level of quality from concept development, production through evaluation, all from a single source.

Our Corporate Video Production Company is located in Munich, and we work all over Europe. We would love to invite you to a cup of „bavarian“ coffee. to get in contact with you. We like to travel and come to you. Also beyond Bavaria or Germany.

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Our credo says:

To produce Corporate Videos on the highest niveau and with the most extensive interdisciplinary approach in German-speaking countries.

3. Criteria for the quality of your Corporate Profile

Image Films are the audiovisual characteristic of the CI (Corporate Identity) of a company and thus, need to comply with the stylistics of these guidelines. The more refined a Corporate Identity is, the longer the coordination process takes, since different departments need to be included. The challenge for the production of a Corporate Video is, despite the guidelines that need to be taken into account, to create a vivid and fresh film.

The focus is naturally the content of your Corporate Profile, as well as the story, that conveys the philosophy of the company and thus, is supposed to strengthen its image.

However, if content, values or goals don’t seem credible, it is going to be exposed on social media platforms rather quickly. Thus, authenticity in style and voice guidance of texts and content are equally important as the realization on the newest technical standard. “Cheaply” made films are easily exposed as those and allow conclusions to the company and its aspiration. An Image Video does not have to be “expensive” financially. Crucial is the balance and harmony between company, content and visual style. Also too much of technical expense can be disadvantageous and irritate business partners. Betting on effects, like animations, only, might be reduced to exactly that and evoke an equally negative effect as somebody, who was cheap on technical standards.

Corporate Video Examples:

This example of an Corporate Video of the fruit stand “Didi” in Munich is rather ironic and to be taken with a smirk. It is produced by former students of the Academy of Film and Television (HFF). The tone is rather serious and peppered with marketing terms.

Coca-Cola purely counts on emotions with this animated film produced by Ridley Scott. At the end of the film the values of the company are conveyed: respect, integrity, fun and joy in life. An Image Film example for very complex animations.

The Deutsche Bahn has to fight for its reputation rather often. In this Corporate Video example the agency and producers did a very good job:

4. Shooting a Corporate Video

The production, as well as post production of a video heavily depend on the requirements of the corporation. The extent of technology and shooting days can strongly vary and determined by the concept of the film, agreed upon by the company. The difference in film production and video production has become unnecessary in the meantime, as it is shot digital in all cases. Now the wanted looks of films are distinguished. Is it supposed to look cinematic or rather have a video aesthetic?

If you plan on shooting a Corporate Video, the Image Film Costs are of vital importance. The costs of a Corporate Video Production can be drastically lowered if enough time and coordination was invested into the Image Film Concept.

Because of the huge impacts on costs as well as the quality of a Corporate Profile the concept development should be rewarded separately and be independent of the execution of production. This is because most of the time and creativity needed is put into adjusting the concept to the individual needs of the company. Saving money in Corporate Video Productions goes hand in hand with establishing clear decision-making processes in the company and to commission an experienced, external creative team with experience in both marketing and concept development and execution of films, in order to pick up the company’s needs and to represent the corporation in the video as valuable as possible. Consider during the cost calculation of the video the costs of post-production as well.

You should shoot a Corporate Video! And if, then do it the correct way and with professionals. The complex processes require experience and the network of professional specialists you can rely on.

During a Corporate Video Production the following is to consider:

A, Does the concept stand for the Corporate Film?

B, Is the concept specific and agreed on by management?

C, Are there certain usage requirements that influence the production? Is there a corporate portal? Is it a commercial? How is distribution planned out?

D, Are the following elements clarified for the Corporate Video Production?

  • Direction; camera crew with DOP; DIT; camera assistant; potential aerial shots with drones or a helicopter, or a steady cam or crane for dynamic moving images; camera technology

  • Original sound with wireless microphones or boom microphones

  • Lighting and film technology, potential preparatory work for animations, e.g. green screen; gaffer and employees and aerial shots

  • Talents and extras

  • Props and production design

  • Mask and costume

E, Elements of post-production

  • Editing in cooperation with the director

  • Sound editing – Sound design and dubbing

  • Sound mixing

  • Animation and SFX

  • Graphics and SFX

  • Compositing; Color Correction and Colorgrading

  • Subtitling

  • Formatting and publication

n many cases an animation is not necessary. Should animations be planned, however, the requirements of the respective animation need to be considered during production.



a. The right Corporate Video Production

Keep in mind when looking for an Corporate Video Produktion Company that they fulfill all your needs. Oftentimes local providors are chosen, which provides advantages in the coordination process. However, most film production companys will also come to you, which gives you a large range to choose from. We are based in Germany, but are on the road throughout Europe for you.

Separate the development of your video into two phases. The first phase in film production refers to the development of the concept (ideas, discussion, etc) only. In the second phase of film production it is about the actual production including post-production of the film. The concept development gives you the possibility to decide if the production should be executed. In a production contract the costs, terms of payment, the production period and the the agreement on the rights of use and exploitation need to be included.

The production of Corporate Videos is not a technical process. Ultimately, it is about sparking emotions through images and sound, that represent your company positively and authentically. Make sure that you tell a visual story through the story-telling technique, with a message and that is worth to be realized for your Corporate Branding.



b. Checklist for your Corporate Video Production

a, Who is your target group? What do my clients want? What is my USP? What distinguishes my company? Which know-how does the company offer? What is the added value for the client? These advantages need to explained in a simple way in an Corporate Video. Through clever assembled images, animations and sound you are able to direct the thoughts of your customers. Use that without being manipulative! Think about what the audience should learn about you in your Corporate Film. Is it a special Event Film? If you work in the music and it is about a music video, there are very different criteria to be fulfilled as for example an industry film or a commercial. Corporate Videos have to fulfill quite different criteria than an Explainer video, advertisements or a product video. Or would you like to produce a documentary or report covering your company? Each format has different expectations of different target groups.

b, Less is more! Stay focused on the essentials and get to the point quickly. A lengthy Corporate Video bores your audience. Often these films aren’t watched until the end and lose their effect. Your most important facts should be shown. It is not about the representation of the entire company, however!

c, Your Corporate Profile should be entertaining. Include anecdotes or work with humor. Keep your target group in touch and be authentic when doing so.

d, Your Image Video should be beautiful. You should not show everything, but by excluding direct attention to the essentials. However, make sure not to distort the image, but influence it positively. You direct the thoughs and images in the head of your target audience and have responsibility how these come across. Be positive and down-to-earth.

e, Intelligent stories are the success factor for Corporate Videos. Stories, that are not expected, that surprise, arouse interest. Be courageous. Innovation and creativity in the representation of your company pay off.

f, Corporate Videos don’t have to be expensive, but they do have their price. You can save costs on technology of your film, but never on the concept development of your Image Video. A good team is not characterized by good equipment, but by good questions. Don’t save up on good questions and commission a producer, who listens to you and meets your needs. You should not be convinced to agree on a concept, much more should the mutual development of the video have priority.

g, Be sure to not be subject to a template. A film is an individual piece. Naturally you should engage in bench marketing and orient yourself by the best Corporate Profiles.

h,The Corporate Video Production is a complex process where lots could go wrong. A professional team protects you against risks. Don’t just underestimate production, but also the challenges in concept development and post-production of a film and place it in professional hands.

Are you interested in all 50 tips on production and concepts of Image Films?

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If you like to get an impression of our tips you can find 5 tips on creating Corporate Videos as a free download here:

5 Tipps zur Produktion von Imagefilmen und Imagevideos



Contact us. We are an advertising film production, commercial video production and corporate video production company based in Munich and we work throughout Europe. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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