Commissioning an Image Film

Production and Conception of Image Films for companies and corporations that are extraordinary and wish their Image Film to be as well.


Commissioning an Image Film

We work for your vision. We transform your inspiration into emotional and visual images. With us you can create your Image Film that motivates your employees and your business partners. The Image Film, that matches you and your that represents your engagement for your clients authentically.

T. Gauger is film producer and author. For over ten years he has been working at different academies as a marketing docent and as systemic coach for companies and leadership personalities.

1. Why should you commission an Image Film?

Image Films give your own vision a visual, comprehensible and especially emotional expression. Leadership personalities have something charismatic. Something that fascinates other people. Some have that “off the cuff” because of their professional expertise. Others out of an emotion for employees and colleagues. Others get it out of their own task. Yet others from a commitment for traditions and values of the company.

Image Films help you show your very own personal touch. To produce a video forces you to clarify in what you are and what you want. In the best case it is a process of communications with employees and important business partners, which helps to verify your own message and to potentially re-position yourself. In any case, an Image Film or an Image Video will help you modernize and emotionalize your positioning.


2. What is an Image Film?

An Image Film discusses the vision and philosophy of a company. Goal of the video is to convey the central values of a company, to create trust and to help develop a long-term client relationship. Image Films can strengthen the image on one hand, and are on the other side a tool to change the image. Thereby the authentic conveyance of values is in focus. This should happen in a modern, creative and dynamic way. An emotional reference to the target group needs to be built. The business partner or client have the opportunity to learn about vital employees and processes in the company. He gains an insight of what distinguishes the company and what it stands for.

An Image Video serves, besides customer retention, the strengthening of the identification of the employees, increases their motivation and ties them to the company long-term. An Image Film can be a central base for success.

The video conveys the success factors of the company and its uniqueness: What characterizes your company? What distinguishes your company from other competitors? An Image Film is an element of public relations work, which conveys the image of the company. Further, the Image Video impacts the perception of the products, the brand, and ultimately also affects sales.


3. Image Films – Looking for the right film production

Keep in mind when looking for an Image Film company that they fulfill all your needs. Oftentimes local providors are chosen, which provides advantages in the coordination process. However, most film production companys will also come to you, which gives you a large range to choose from.

Separate the development of your video into two phases. The first phase in film production refers to the development of the concept (ideas, discussion, etc) only. In the second phase of film production it is aboout the actual production including post-production of the film. The concept development gives you the possibility to decide if the production should be executed. In a production contract the costs, terms of payment, the production period and the the agreement on the rights of use and exploitation need to be included.

Hier finden Sie 50 TIPPS zu Imagefilmen und Imagevideos

4. Gauger Film as your Image Film producer

We are your experts for the development of stories and a film production for Image Films, who provide you with the art of story-telling as a full-service production. We are located in Munich, but work throughout Germany, as well as in Austria.

During your Image Film’s production we’re already thinking about its successful distribution. Count on a production team that regards your Image Film holistically. As an innovative production company we regard your Image Film as an element of your internal and external Corporate Communication, that needs to fit you in an harmonious way.

We regard the conception of your Image Film as a process of innovation, in which the mission statement needs to be included, as well as the positive track record of your company.

We regard your Image Film as a communication tool, that gives you the opportunity to establish contact and start a dialogue with your business partners. We regard your Image Film as a motivation tool for your employees and something they can be proud of.

Visualize your vision. Produce your Image Film with us and we help you emotionalize your vision.



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5 Tipps um Imagefilme und Imagevideos richtig erstellen zu lassen


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