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Corporate Video Concept - Visual storytelling for the conception of your emotional Image Film


Commissioning a Corporate Video Concept

A good concept requires a clear vision, best worked out together with the company. It is about decision-making processes and routes. It is about stylstics and content. All that needs to be included in the conception from the start on. The company, which would like to commission a Corporate Video production, should consider these things during the conception of the Image Film:


1. Goals of Corporate Film Conception

Corporate Videos represent the strengths of a company or of a brand. This includes the company, but also its products and services. Corporate Films should intensify and emotionalize business relations stronger. A Branded Film is primarily targeted on the image and to strengthen the appearance of the brand, and not directly on increasing sales. The target groups of a Corporate Video are mostly existing or potential business partners, the own employees and clients.

The Branded Video concept targets a very specific target group and directs the issue, the content and the style. The goal of the concept is to capture the message authentically and effectively and to balance it harmoniously with all elements of cinematographic storytelling.

The respective stylistics are dependent on how you want to approach the target group and how that fits your own company. The protagonists, the narrative, the speech rhythm, light design, coloring, video and audio editing depend on the desired effect on the audience. A story with a relevant message is in most cases better to remember for the brain of a viewer and conveys contents sustainably.


2. Courage to be unique

You’re allowed to do everything with your Corporate Film but bore. Entertain, if that is through an emotional story or moving images, or exceptional statements. Think about what is the added value for the viewer and consequently include that in your Corporate Video concept and your film production.

A Branded Video tells the positive and emotionalizing aspects of a corporation. What an emotional element might be depends solely on the company and needs to be planned in the Corporate Film conception. It could be the corporation’s story, the company founders, the USP (Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Proposition). However, it could also be technical achievements or the friendliness and professionality of the employees. It could be company headquarters, or the office space. It could be annual sales, or the innovative spirit. Strengthen your image with a film!

In focus is the emotional message the company should stand for. This emotional message can be a target mark, like AUDI did with the claim “Vorsprung durch Technik” in Germany. When the claim was introduced in 1971, AUDI was far away from having a lead through technology. The technical innovations that AUDI is known for were developed later.

Dare to be “peculiar” and unique in a positive sense, in order to especially being seen because of that. Use the opportunities of a film portrait and tell your story and vision with the storytelling technique.


With this Corporate Video AUDI shows the strengths of its company and its claim: “Vorsprung durch Technik”

3. Corporate Video Concept Checklist

Corporate Films usually go through the following planing phases, that need to be included in the Corporate Film concept for your Image Video as well as in the film production:

A, Clarify decision-making processes in your own company

B, Set goal for your Branded Film

C, Analyse target groups and include them in the creation of the film.

D, Determine your mission statement and the derived formulation of key messages.

F, Commissioning of a concept for a Corporate Film

Demand profile: narrative expertise, execution and distribution expertise. Also positive is a comprehension of how one’s own Corporate Philosophy could be represented and how this builds on the mission statement. Positive is, as well, if an understanding of demands in sales and marketing exists and, if the Branded Video supports these concerns as well.

  • Basic statements and core statements

  • Outline of the process

  • Visualizations – as needed with potential storyboard

  • Target group, clarification where and how the Corporate Film will be used

  • Length of the film

  • Time plan including production and post-production

  • Costs of conception of the Corporate Video

  • Costs of the Corporate Video production (including production and post-production)

  • Budget (including services of the company and costs of production)

  • Consultation regarding the distribution of the Corporate Film (costs should be listed separately)

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E, Clarification of the content of the Branded Films with the CI (Corporate Identity) of the company.

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