Corporate Video Costs

Image Film Costs: Costs for conception; costs for production, costs for distribution; tips on how to keep costs low for Image Videos


Corporate Video Costs are a key criterion for companies to choose a producer or whether a corporate film is to be produced. But why are some corporate videos so cheap and others so much more expensive? And how can you save money while achieving your goals with a good corporate video?

Corporate Video Costs Overview

What are the main factors for Image Film expenditures?

Distinguish the following three phases of a Corporate Video:

  1. Pricing of the Corporate Video Conception

  2. Pricing of the Corporate Video Production; production and post-production of the Image Video

  3. Pricing of the Corporate Video Distribution

Depending on the phase different expenditures are entailing.

1. Corporate Video Costs Conception

In the conception phase internal and external expenditures need to be separated. The internal compensation especially depend on the time you and your employees spent with in that phase until commissioning. The external expenditures depend on agencies or concepters who create the concept. Often you’ll be offered a conception free of charge. In recent years it became the custom to inquire multiple agencies or productions simultaneously. The effect of that is that the conception of an Image Film of many production companies follows a cookie cutter pattern. Does that help you?

How do we do that? 200 Euro per day of conception

We place special value on the conception of your film. It is the essential thing. This is why we don’t make sacrifices in this field. A good conceptor’s day salary starts at 600 euro. In order to develop a feel if you mean business with your interest in a Corporate Video, we charge the third, meaning 200 Euro per day of conception during conception phase. Should you wish to produce the film, the remaining amount is due when production is commissioned. We put emphasis on the content of your film and since we involve our marketing know-how as well as our narrative know-how, we charge, when production is executed, 20% of the budget for the conception.

How can you save costs?

The price for the conception of the Corporate Video strongly depend on your preliminary work. Did you provide clarity in your company? Do you know your message? Do you know your target group? Do you know your USP? Have you provided clear decision-making structures? If you have the green light for all of these, price of the conception will depend on how elaborate you envision the cinematic execution. The clearer you know in which tonality you’d like to tell your story, the fewer expenditures there are, because the expense of writing a script, a production schedule, potential storyboards or visual aids for animations is less. The expenditures for the conception of an Image Film are often well-invested money, because good planning for the client provide a much smoother production and especially promise better results. Hence, invest time and money into the concept and count on quality.


2. Corporate Video Costs Production

If you have a specific and convincing concept on hand the calculation of a production is relatively easy. The essential factors for expences of the production of the Image Film are the number of days of shooting, the number of team members, the selected technology, the amount of days needed for editing and sound editing, the price for animation, music and grafics. The size of the team heavily depends on the technology and the desired look of the video. The easier the look is supposed to be, the smaller the team can be. The minimum amount of members of a film production is: director of photography and boom operator, and a director. Depending on the outlay you will need an additional lighting technician or a specialist for drone flights or crew for operating the camera crane, or a steadicam operator. Do you need someone additional for make-up?
Also the music selection is a crucial cost factor. Using Gema free music saves you Gema fees. You can either use music of rather unknown artists or have your own piece composed. However, you will have to pay Gema fees when using known pieces. Besides the different expences there are assets and drawbacks in the song’s perception. Well-known compositions arouse certain emotions, while simultaneously a certain experience is connected to it. Hence, it could be difficult to build an emotional connection between the company and the music piece.

There are a few rules of thumb for the origin of costs during production. When shooting a master shot, additional lighting might be required. When planning on including animations, Corporate Video costs increase tremendously, because of the long time required of planning and executing. If you interviewed more people you will naturally need more time. Also always schedule “relocations”, times in which the set is assembled or disassembled. The more locations are needed, the higher are the expences..

3. Corporate Video Costs Distribution

When budgeting, do not just include the expenditures for the production of your Corporate Film, but also include the successful distribution of the Image Video. The pricing concerning the distribution of a web video are different unlike planning on showing the Image Film on television. However, even the smallest Corporate Video need a so-called assessment concept and the appropriate budget for that. The most cost-effective variant is the distribution of the video in special interest sites and fan pages on Facebook. The success of such a post is higher the more specific the Corporate Film is geared to the needs of the specific target group, and the better the communication with that community is, so that the so-called scattering loss of your advertisement is preferably small. Also plan on staff that is responsible for assisting the communication of the Image Film. Every Corporate Video is noticed by your employees as well, and can therefore be used as an instrument for internal Corporate Communication. Plan on resources for that as well.



4. Costs Calculator for the Corporate Video Production

Video production is dependent on many different cost-factors. The use of a cost calculator is a reliable option, but in many cases, a personal conversation is a must in order to capture the state of your company. How specific do you know, what you would like to reach with the video? How is your image? How should your image be? Do you already have certain ideas regarding the concept and the execution of the production? Which music should be used? Which actors? Which narrators? The production of an Image Video is a service, which hardly includes any fixed costs. The amount of variable costs, however, is very high, since performance and technical equipment depend on your goals. We would love to get an impression of you, your company and your goals in a noncommittal chat. Following, we could give you a quote for the film production. Use this non-binding meeting to get an impression of your opportunities.

Nonetheless, to get an impression of the expenditures, you find an overview on collective agreements (weekly wages) for television and film professionals (according to Verdi, as of April 2016). The salary for professional film makers employed for less than a week is usually higher. Standard rate salary does NOT include employer contribution.

  • Assistant director: 1.331 €

  • Line producer: 2.323 €

  • Production manager: 1.742 €

  • Executive in charge of production: 1.298 €

  • Director of photography: 2.785 €

  • Editor: 1.464 €

  • Production design: 1.654 €

  • Outdoor props: 1.220 €

  • Indoor props: 1.088 €

  • Location scouting: 966 €

  • Costume design: 1.464 €

  • Make-up: 1.265 €

  • Sound: 1.492 €

5. Corporate Video Costs: Expense vs Value

In which way do you benefit from the Corporate Film? Which expense do you have to accept for the video production? What are expense and value? What prevails?

Corporate Video Utility

  • Long-term effect

  • Tools for external and internal Corporate Communications: Motivation for employees and conviction of business partners

  • Increase of company value

  • Control of the perception of your company

  • Building trust

  • Conveyance of a good (first) impression within a few minutes

  • Promote loyalty of clients, employees and business partners

  • Development, progression and conveyance of your Corporate Identity and its associated benefit for customers, business partners and employees

  • Enjoyment of the dynamic process of a film production as an unique experience, in which a group creates something special

Corporate Video Expense

  • Onetime costs for conception, production (talents, music, narrators) and distribution

  • Time required for the video production

Onetime costs for your marketing budget and the time invested in production are balanced out by multiple positive, long-term effects. Think about a film production and get consultation, if a video is fit for your company. A film production usually comes into question for more companies than assumed.

6. Further criteria for costs


Technology, shooting location and props need to be rented or acquired, which entails payments as well as logistics.


Would you like to engage a professional actor or rather shoot the video with your employees, partners and clients? When working with members of your team you can save a lot of expenditures, while providing a real insight into your company for your audience. However, especially emotional speaking parts require a professional acting performance. Do you need one shooting day? Or several shooting days?


Shooting Location

A fully equipped studio entails high expenditures, however, it offers a controllable lighting situation and is independent of weather and external noise. Shooting outside demands a filming permit and depends on the weather, while being indeed very cost-effective. Flexibility is in demand, then: How can you use certain weather conditions for the emotionalism of your video?

Narrator and Sound

For the narrator you can certainly engage an external professional narrator for the production of your Corporate Videos. The prices orient itself on the quality and the fame of the narrator.
The use of Gema-free music offers a low-priced variant for your video. The piece is paid for in form of a license model, whereas a music publisher offers higher quality music. Also, you can have your own piece composed for your video, which entails very high costs, however.

Tips on the cost reduction of Corporate Videos

Are you interested in all 50 TIPS on production and conception of Corporate Videos and Image Films? Also included are tips on Corporate Video costs.

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5 Tipps für die Kosten von Imagefilmen und Imagevideos


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