Corporate branding

Transport your corporate branding with a corporate video and a visual story.


1. Corporate videos manage your brand equity

Your corporate film is a special imagefilm which strengthens and develops corporate branding with its visual and emotional effect. The values of your brand and your actual message will be transported with matching pictures and an emotional story. Your business video should pass consequently the corporate identity of your whole company and your brand.

The difference between most brands are emotional values, because the customer needs can be satisfied by many different products. The added value for the costumer is immaterial which means that it is based on the credibility of the brand. The identity is an important part of the brand value of companies. Films are essential instruments for controlling the identity as a management tool. With it videos have a big influence on your company’s value.

Business films play an important role in order to control the perception of your business and to tie business partners, employees and customers on your company. A video agency help you to prepare your company for the future and to add value to your business.

2.What is a corporate video? What makes a corporate branding?

A business film should strength the perception of the company’s personality and create identity. These videos can have a big impact on the perception, therefore the videos have to go along with the lived and wished values of an organization. At this point a homogenous external perception of the company is really important in order to show coherence and reliability. The firm and its brand should communicate authenticity and the main values of the organization which make the difference to other companies. For that a business film should be always seen together with the corporate identity and should support and develop this important instrument. The production of these videos is an important task of the marketing department.

Corporate video definition

The  business film shows the specific characteristics of a company that make the difference to other firms.

Corporate identity definition

The CI embodys the appearance of a firm in public: Which are the central values and norms of a firm? What´s its philosophy? What´s its vision? How is its working culture? The firm is interpreted as a person with a specific identity. The corporate identity presents the sum of the characteristics of an organization. This identity consists of the following elements: corporate behaviour, communication, design, culture, language and philosophy. All these elements should be communicated in the video.

Corporate behaviour definition

The corporate behaviour describes the behaviour of a firm in order to reach its goals. On the one hand, this behaviour is transported with a flashback: Which are the successes of the organization? How managed the firm challenges? On the other hand, the corporate behaviour is shown with its vision for the future: What are the aims of the firm? Here it is important to name existent norms and values and transport modernity and dynamic at the same time. Consistence is obligatory for the reaching of aims, only if the past goes along with the actual needs and aims, the company has the energy to follow other aims. The behaviour also deals with the public view concerning the firm, here reactions after public critics and the way of speaking play an important role.

Corporate communication definition

The corporate communication is as another part of the identity. The communication is the requirement and basis for the intern and extern perception of the business. The aim is to transport a coherent picture and to strengthen the image. Following questions are central: Which is the main target group and which aspects are relevant for them? How can you reach this target group? What should be communicated? The characteristics, needs, fears and wishes of the target group should be clear before creating a video. In marketing exists the difference between intern and extern communication.

Corporate design definition

Another part of the identity is the corporate design. Pictures and videos transport emotions. All factors that identify a company need to be communicated together. While doing so you should concentrate on the essential points and present your company as a solution for specific wishes of the costumers. The design is the visual identity of a firm. It is a coherent system of notation that shows an integrated picture of the company. The aim is recognition and practical use. Therefore, the company’s logo and the firms colour should be used in all marketing communication tools.

Corporate philosophy / culture / language – definition

The identity consists these other elements: corporate philosophy, culture and anguage. The corporate philosophy presents the fundamental sense and value level. These levels are the basis for other ones. The corporate culture deals with the concrete philosophy: What are the central values and norms of the company? The corporate language is about the company’s specific language. It is not only about language in general, is is more about the codices and der verbal and often non-verbal way of speaking and the recognized social manners.

The corporate identity personifies the specific character of a firm and is responsible for that a company is perceived as a unity. This identity is a complex system, where strategic analytics play an important role. Profit from advices of a professional team in order to transport this complex corporate identity in your imagefilm easily and entertaining.

3. Which aspects should be considered by the selection of the producer?

You should examine in which areas the producer is working and which trainings the producer passed. Many different aspects are relevant for the production of videos, it is more than marketing in gerneral. First, the actual message needs to be connected with the values of your CI in the conception of the video. In the production of the movie are technical and artistic skills important, that are responsible for the uniqueness of your movie. Another task of the producer is to give you advices in all aspects concerning the distribution of the video. The production of a corporate video is not the product of marketing, it is complex process which concerncs many different departments and groups of interest.

Which role does the producer play in the development of the visual corporate identity?

The aim of the business film is to work out the main characteristics of your specific firm that make the difference to other companies.

The producer should consider together with you the philosophy of your firm.

After creating this base, the job of the producer is to transport this identity convincingly. In that point the communicated content and the presentation of the company are central. The main challenge of the producer is to present all the different parts of the corporate identity in one coherent picture in form of an emotional story.

Concerning the question of the corporate design you should consider that most companies only have a design for static pictures or performances. Moving images follow other rules than printed or static pictures. You have to transfer the corporate design in an equivalent concept for moving images in order to produce the videos.
Besides this music plays an important role. Work with music in the production of your videos and use their emotional power.

The imagfilm should be orientated on the corporate culture und should transfer important content with dynamic and development.

Convince with innovative  videos and get attention. We would be happy to give you some advices. We develop a concept with your guidelines in order to transport your corporate identity easily and fresh. Extend your brand value with us.

4.Why Gauger Film? What is our story?

We are a professional team for visual marketing, emotional storytelling and a successful producing company.

We offer you the know-how of the Video Marketing and experiences as a film production for imagefilms. We also make cinema projects and gained prices. Some of these projects are presented on our website Gauger Film. As marketing experts we know about your need to harmonize your videos with your corporate identity. As your reference for our experiences in Marketing: T. Gauger was the manager of the marketing campaign of the cinema movie “Das Leben der Anderen” for which the director was honoured with an Oscar.

Our approach for the formulation of your concept is the systematic coaching: We always concern your film as systematic part of your intern and extern business communication. During the creation of your film we give you the option to discuss possible consequences for different departments, working groups and business partners.

We follow the principles of the storytelling method in order to design your video emotional and authentic. Storytelling is the supreme discipline in content marketing. We were honoured with our narrative concept national and international. Amongst others we were the winners of the national contest FAT for the best serial concept 2015. Furthermore, we were nominated for the national contest TOP TALENTE during the Berlinale 2016 for the best story.

Our offer:

Your corporate video,

  1. That generates attention,
  2. brings emotions,
  3. stays in memory.

Your message, transported with our storytelling-method,

  1. motivates your employees
  2. fills your costumers with enthusiasm
  3. strengthen your brand

You increase the value of your company with your corporate film from Gauger Film.

Curious? You would like to have more information about films, or us? Contact us. We are happy to give you some offers concerning the production of your corporate film.


Write us or call us, also when you are located outside of Munich or Bavaria. We are looking forward to your request.

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